Every Women.

Every Age.

Every Background.

Welcome To The Journey To H.E.R. 


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H.E.R. Stands For Healing, Empowerment And Release

Conversations With HER

Do you need someone to listen to you who will not judge, fix or stir up your emotions? 

The members of H.E.R. volunteer their time 

to listen. The journey all begins with a 

Conversation . 

H.E.R. Online Workshops

H.E.R. has online workshops that provide women an opportunity to embrace personal development and self-discovery.  



Some Of The 

Programs H.E.R.


H.E.R. Circles 

The Omaha H.E.R. Circle meets monthly and provides women the opportunities to build relationships with other women seeking to discover who they are, and develop mindfulness and emotional intelligence.  


           H.E.R. Weekends

The H.E.R. Weekend is to provide powerful introspective processes in a safe supportive environment that assist  women in healing and releasing their past, and in accessing their authentic, inner power.  

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