Welcome To The Heartland H.E.R. Community

We want to hear from you and also share our story.  H.E.R. is a non-profit organization that is headquartered in Californa.  Women throughout the U.S. are involved in this organization and attend the H.E.R. Weekend and participate in " H.E.R. Circles."  

The local Omaha chapter was co-founded by several women who still are actively involved in H.E.R.  They seek to grow the community and add additional Circles. 

The Omaha Circle along with help from other Circles that exist in the Heartland are excited to be bringing the H.E.R. weekend to Perry Kansas in October 16,17,18 of 2020.  (Sorry but this has been postponed due to Covid-19.  We will keep you posted when we reschedule).

Women from the North, South, Eastern, Western and Midwest states attend these weekends. You do not have to just be from the Heartland.  We encourage women to come by themselves or bring a group.  All are welcomed.  The community of staff that creates the weekend makes everyone feel immediately connected within minutes of arriving.  The experience is powerful, and will leave a positive impact on every women that attends.  Women who attend the weekends continue on their journey into healing, empowering and releasing that which holds them back, by forming or joining an existing H.E.R Circle. 

Women and men who staff the weekends also come from all over the U.S.   They pay their own weekend fees and transportation.  The work is so powerful in women's lives that staff will travel hundreds of miles to be of assistance and give back to the women who are taking the H.E.R. journey 

Here is a  testimonial from Cathy Fitzhenry who is one of the co-founders of H.E.R. Circle Omaha. 

Our Purpose 

H.E.R. Weekend Purpose To provide powerful, introspective processes in a safe supportive environment that assist women in healing and releasing their past, and in accessing their authentic, inner power.​


I never expected the H.E.R. experience to be as powerful as it has been in my life.  The weekend unlocked many things that kept me from being my authentic self and provided me a roadmap to continue to the journey of personal development.   Now I meet monthly with my H.E.R. Circle which provides a safe, confidential environment for me to share my ups and downs, joys and challenges and be supported by an amazing group of women that I call my sista's.  I've been involved in church groups, bible studies, women's clubs and nothing compares to the power and love of my H.E.R. Circle!         Cathy Fitzhenry - Omaha NE


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Will you be the next one to join the Circle?