So Glad You Are Here

 Welcome To H.E.R. !

H.E.R. stands for Healing, Empowerment And Release 

We are a non-profit serving women worldwide. 


Every Women.

Every Age.

Every Background.

TOP 10 Reasons Why Women Get Involved In the H.E.R. Journey

1.  They want to become emotionally healthy

2.  They have struggles and challenges that bring uncertainty

     and they don't want to walk the path alone.

3.  They have difficult relationships that bring drama into their life. 

4.  They want a sisterhood to support them rather than fix them.

5.  They want to be listened to.

6.  They want to become empowered.

7.  They want to create joy in their life.

8.  They are ready to make a change. 

9.  They are seeking a path to healing, empowerment and release 

10. They got connected with H.E.R. because their heart brought them to H.E.R.

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What is a Conversation with H.E.R. you ask?

We encourage you to book a 30-minute Conversation With H.E.R. It's the next step you can take towards your personal Healing, becoming Empowered and Releasing that which may be holding you back from the things you want in life. 

​During this telephone or zoom "conversation" a woman of H.E.R. will listen to you. We will help answer any questions you may have about H.E.R. and share with your journey that hundreds of women have taken. And like you, these women have walked in a similar path. They too were seeking something. 

Once you have had your "Conversation" with a woman of H.E.R.  you will discover what might be the best path on how to begin your H.E.R. journey.

It might be attending one of our ONLINE workshops. 

Joining a H.E.R. Circle.

Attending the H.E.R. Weekend.

It all starts with a Conversation...